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UEFA opening disciplinary proceedings against Celtic for last nights banner


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I've actually just noticed they've used "savage" above Wallace and "the brave" above a guy who smeared himself in shite and was part of the ira who would bomb and shoot to kill. Oh aye very brave. Ad a loved to have jumped on the dying bastard as he lay there weighing no more than 3 stone breaking every bone in his body.

Dirty manky shite stained Fenian bastard, (before yae get a wee report focus, that's Fenian bastard in the truest sense of the word)

Dirty vile bastards

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The police in this shitehole are a fucking joke aswell. They should be getting investigated. Why were these banners let in on saturday and last night?

The police were quick to ban a banner at Ibrox from the Dublin loyal RSC a few year ago for a banner which read "Behind enemy lines"

The Dublin loyal banner wasn't allowed in to the stadium but they don't have a problem with IRA banners over at torbett towers?

Is that how out of control these tarrier beasts are getting now that the police in this country are shit scared to anything about it?

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