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idiots throwing flares


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once again we have an idiot throwing a flare/smokebomb onto the pitch.seemingly it`s caused damage to the artificial surface and will need repaired! our club may need to pay for it or if not then falkirk will have to repair it themselves,an expense both clubs could do without,so come on guys wise up and support the team without any of this stupidity!!!

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Flares now ? Crying into your blouse about flares ? Fuckin washer haha

You're clearly in favour of this type of behaviour so answer me this :

Is the money for the damage caused coming out of the pockets of those responsible/the club coffers?

I know which answer is correct, let's see if the uneducated do!

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No point in guys wising up, it was a lassie that done it.....allegedly!

I couldn't care less if it was one of Efrain Juarez's tranny hookers that threw it, the Club are having to pay for the idiocy of some stupid wee cunt who stoats about Glasgow with "No Pyro, No Party" stickers before he goes to his mate's for a FIFA tournament. It's unacceptable.

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Never throw out your flares, they might make a comeback, the ones I've kept are 28 inch waist right enough maybe a tad optimisic on my part ! (tu);):sherlock:

Mines are prob that in the bottom of the leg never mind the waist.

In all seriousness though. I dont recall any fires or injuries by flares, i think it looks the part, but as i amb getting older its probably not what we need .... Ps i still love it tho

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