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J Lo watching the game?

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yes yes I know...but not the exact same band from when they were first together. Not that I'm denouncing them as not being good...I guess I remember them better when my mum was

Playing their records eh :)

yeah they came to Christchurch about 6 or 7 years agoi i wasn't gonna go cos they weren't cheap tickets (60 bucks I think) but then I had a mate who was a roadie and he got me in for free

I thought SLF were boring as fuck: bunch of overweight middle aged guys playing songs they wrote 30 years ago.

the crowd were all middle aged gits as well: tapping their feet to the beat and singing along to all the lyrics

It was All very safe and comfortable.

exactly everything punk WASN"T meant to be about :pipe:

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Okay I stand corrected...I didn't realise they got together to make a new album...oops. I will look forward to that then :)

To be fair they have never broken up.

They tour all the time and will be at the barrowlands on 17th march (st paddy's day)

Like they have been for something like the last the last fifteen years in a row.

It's a great night and you won't see any tricolour flags in the crowd I may add.

Auld punks loyal :uk:

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I thought it was their best performance of the season so far :lol: those guys were on fire tonite even made me cringe at times (that's a compliment btw) (tu)

and there I was thinking Stiff Little Fingers were fenians?! apparently not...?!

used to see the guitar player at Ibrox a lot. think he had a season ticket in the copland.

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