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***The Official Dunfermline v Rangers Thread***

Captain Hilts

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Monday 30 December

SPFL League 1

East End Park

7.45pm KO

needless to say a big big improvement is needed. Aird should definitely be brought back in, unbelievably harsh to drop him yesterday after the way he played against Ayr. probably our toughest test in the league this season and we know all about the hatchet job this mob produced last time.

I'm expecting a tight 2-1 win. c'mon the Bears :21:

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Here is the team I would like to see (if Black is indeed suspended)


Peralta Faure Moshini Wallace


Aird Law McLeod

Clark, Daly

Subs Sorenson, Smith, Shiels, Templeton, McKay, Cribari, Little

would be interesting but I would put Law on the left rather than wee Lewis.
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Bring in Templeton & Aird on either wing, go 4-4-2 with Black out as he's suspended and drop Peralta to the bench.

Same defence, strikers and goalie.

I think it'll be tight but that we'll scrape through unconvincingly, would like to see a reaction following yesterday's disappointment (tu)

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I'm confident because apparently I didn't attend/view yesterdays guff. Well that, and we've already beat them relatively comfortably and I think the team will be eager to bounce back after yesterday.

Oh, and I'm blinded by Ally's legend.

We won comfortably did we?

Tell that to Jig who spent 15 minutes off pitch with a head injury

Or Little who was knocked unconscious, taken to hospital and had surgery

Maybe Mohsni needs telling, he may have forgotten after his broken nose.

Comfortably my arse.

After yesterday, I'm expecting a dirty game from them to see us crack.

Edit: Before you try and tie me up with semantics, I know you said 'relatively' comfortably, but there was nothing comfortable about the last match with those dirty fuckers

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