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In the SPFL Premiership

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You have to hope the personnel will be different when we reach the top tier, both playing and coaching staff.

If we go into the Championship as we are I don't think that it is any certainty we'll be in the top tier come August 2015.

Despite a remarkable win rate this year, anyone being honest with themselves must realise that we've struggled too often to grind out some results against third tier mostly part timers.

Far from ready to step up.

And just as a postscript. Where are the ££££ coming from to improve things.

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I have no doubt we would be in the top 4 , i believe playing in this terrible league is dragging the players down , , and after watching some of the thuggery dished out by these teams , the performance is effected by these terrible tactics and poor refereeing

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I think we're on a par with Hibs, I think lime Hibs we'd have the squad that should be top 6 but don't have the squad to challenge for Europe let alone the title.

If we done things properly last year then I think we may be in a similar situation at this moment in time but believe we could have had far more potential than we currently do.

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I expect there to be new investment and our team to look completely different by the time we get to the SPL.

There is no way this team will be playing in the SPL apart from players like, Wallace Macleod and Law and maybe Nicky Clark?

Our team will look alot different and alot of things will happen in the next 18 months.

I don't think McCoist will be the manager as he seems to always want to sign players even though our CEO has said we have to cut the current playing squad and costs etc.........

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I think the disparity between the four divisions in Scottish football is exaggerated and overplayed. Not a massive difference between the leagues, they're all full of shite.

As much as Scottish football is full of shite, there is a huge difference between part time, 2 days a week training players and full time mon-fri all morning training players. A huge difference. Especially ones getting paid thousands a week.

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It will be a better squad but not that much better. The Championship will not be a canter, that is for sure but I expect Rangers to win it by a few games. That is to be welcomed because this squad is certainly a Premiership squad but it is not "battle-hardened" for that level at the physical and pyschological levels. We need sustained competition.

If Rangers hit the top tier in mind and body, I would expect 2nd or 3rd spot, but could go as low as fourth.

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