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Bougherra wants to return- money not an issue.

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We have Faure. I know folk will slate me for saying that but the times that he's played at centre half he's been solid and looks far more comfortable. I don't think right back is his best/favoured position and anyone who has been a defender knows that there is a big difference between playing right back and centre half. So judging his abilities at centre half based on playing right back is a little unfair.

Plus, as much as Bougherra was a great character I think him and Moshni might be too much. Although they might also be great, I suppose.


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I don't think Faure is anywhere near as bad as you guys are trying to make out.

Plus, as someone else mentioned, would it be so great if he came back "clapped out" with only a year left in him?

Also, we've never really seen Faure have a long stint at CB.

Maybe I'm being too optimistic but I think he has it in him to be a good Rangers player.

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He clearly showed how to get away with scything a player down last night so would suit Stoke

Ffs thats harsh .The guy was immense for Rangers in his time here.Last night his team won me 70 quid and everyone of them played for the jersey and got stuck in playing within the rules .If he were to come back to Ibrox our defence would be improved immensely in a heartbeat .He is a winner
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Why don't we just call up every player we've had the last 5-10 years and see who doesn't want to come back?

Maybe they would do a great job back with us but they are players we've let go for one reason or another. We shouldn't be looking back but moving forward.

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Bougherra would be another decent signing.

Bell Bougherra Macleod and Boyd would give us a solid spine to build around, experience and youth. Don't give a fuck if somebody has played with us in the past, in-fact that could help if they already know what winning titles and cups for the club is all about, and the expectations and responsibility placed on them . ffs Bougherra is playing in a decent side at the WC, why would anybody not want a player of his quality and experience back...

Him and Boyd could give us at least 3 good seasons and are proven winners. Would love to see Bougherra and Boyd back at Ibrox

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People saying no to Boogie. :lol:

Imagine if our signed lined up next year as


Hutton Cuellar Boogie Wallace

Temps Macloed law Aird

Boyd miller


The boat has sailed on the whole restructure opportunity, if we can get in a few guys that have done a job before and for less than before, then why the fuck not.

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