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Bougherra wants to return- money not an issue.

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It's the same with Weiss. He gave up Champions League football for the £££'s in Qatar at 24 years old yet a lot of people seem to think he would crawl over broken glass to rejoin us :lol:

The players love the attention and that’s why they are on twitter or facebook wearing the shirts ect, the more gullible fans take it that this means they want to come ’home’ :lol: .

The reality is they wouldn’t be seen dead back here the way we are now…they are on mega bucks as it stands and that’s what footballers…especially ones with zero ties with the club are after.

More twitter hits or FB likes if you play to the masses though…..

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“I want to return to the English Premier League,” said Bougherra, who was at Sheffield Wednesday and Charlton Athletic before moving to Scotland. “It is unbelievable and I miss it. And I want to get ready for the African Cup so I want to go to the Premier League to find the level and spirit I need to do that. Normally yes, I hope that is the case,” he replied when asked whether he hoped featuring in a World Cup will have helped alert clubs to his availability. “I have two or three years in front of me and I want to prove that I can play at a high level, and I want to prove again that I am good enough to do that.”

It is possible to sense that Rangers is something he would consider towards his mid-thirties – which might not be something the club would be happy to indulge.

Fans, though, will appreciate his desire to sign off in happier circumstances than when he left in 2011, after being red carded during a critical Champions League qualifying defeat by Malmö. “I really want to come back to Rangers to finish my career there,” he said. “If I can play one more game there that is enough for me.

“Malmöo was my last game and I was sent off. This club gave me what I am today. They gave me a good image. I loved the fans. It was such a good atmosphere. I loved the club because they recognised and respected me and they never forget you.”

Tomorrows paper.

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If we hadn't signed McGregor I'd say Bougherra & Zaliukas would possibly be a very strong partnership, but with us having signed McGregor already, if we now sign Zaliukas too then that will be it for central defenders coming in.

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