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Players refuse 15% wage cut?


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Rangers players have rejected the Ibrox club's proposal of an across the board 15% wage cut.

Manager Ally McCoist had been told that he would have to make cuts to his playing budget.

McCoist has been in discussions with Graham Wallace as the chief executive undertakes a comprehensive review of the Ibrox finances.

The players' wage bill at the League One side currently stands between £6m and £7m per annum.

Last week, McCoist signed off on a pay cut of around 50%, which he agreed to in October.

And consultant Philip Nash has been brought to Ibrox to help oversee the financial overhaul.


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If this is true then permission to start worrying. We must be struggling big time to ask the team to take a cut. I don't blame them for one second saying no. Some like Jig have already taken a cut. They have seen the headlines about waste on bonuses, investigations, court cases, sacking Sandaza etc. This will sour the mood of the team big time.

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£750 off of £5000 is fuck all.

If they refuse it, I would make them redundant. Well, the duds like Foster and the others that aren't getting in the team. Simonson would be off as well if it was up to me, Gallacher is good enough back up.

Folk will say that we wont be able to sign players if we make redundancies, well that would only be for a year. We don't need to sign anyone in the summer, the team is good enough and if we make the redundancies NOW that would give us the rest of next seasons transfer window to sign players if we had to.

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