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These wage cuts


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We've known for a long time that cuts need to be made, it's been talked to death on here...from Ally taking a wage cut to rumours of Lee Wallace being sold. so why all the hysterics about it now?

Take your head out your arses and see the bigger picture here, it's all just deflections of the real story between that lot and GCC.

Yeah we need to be wary after what happened before but talk of administration?! If that was a possibility then we would have had to have announced it to the stock exchange, saying we never had enough money for the next 12 months. That never happened so stick with facts rather than listening to the fucking BBC of all people.

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I think what everyone is concerned about the players being asked to take a deduction. It's embarassing but I hope as our official said tonight that it was purely exploration in terms of finding out whether it was an avenue they could use.

I'd like to think something somewhere can be done and that the players don't see this as a kick in the chops.

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Are you seriously suggesting that us asking our players if they will take a 15% pay cut is being overblown by the press? I mean, seriously!


We need to make cuts and it's the only logical thing to do before getting rid of players, which we all know is the case.

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