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Time to open the boardroom and financial forum


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Why should it be re-opened? just because Wallace explored the possibility of a player wage cut as part of the cost cutting measures we all knew were happening anyway?

Mind you, if all the liars, troublemakers and rebels use this as an oppertunity to raise their ugly heads again then we might need to reopen it.

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Let's see what happens in the next few days, if nothing comes of this, it would be nice to not need a B&F forum, that place got really depressing

Pretty much exactly this (tu)

I think everyone's a bit jumpy (probably understandable), so a discussion about wage cuts has become admin II on the horizon. Time for deep breaths and steps back, see what happens. If we need to open that forum again, we will.

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Keep it closed until there is a real reason to open it.

Wallace promised cuts and he made a suggestion which somehow leaked and became public knowledge.

If you need a new sub forum make it one about Ally and his coaches.

Is Ally setting up against the Easdales ?

He may need a new career soon I suppose.

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There's no sense in looking back when we can look sideways instead.

With that in mind can we not start a 90-degree section where we can discuss things that are off kilter or not just quite right?

For example, those 2-litre milk cartons that leak in the fridge if you lie them at 90-degrees because the compartment they normally stand upright in is full with other containers.

It's a whole new world out there at 90-degrees. :D

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