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Of the current squad...

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Potential for Law / Templeton to be squad players I reckon. Moshni is a maybe and I wouldn't mind Bell or Simonsen being a backup keeper.

Lee McCulloch as well perhaps but depends how he fares over the next 18 months and whether he slips. I'd back Andy Little to be in with a shout when we arrive back in the top flight (tu)

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Wallace, Law, Bell, Clark.

Possibly Macleod and Aird depending on their play in the next 18 months.

Black and Daly maybe but they both might be a bit too old to be at their best come the SPL

And two who I think aren't great just now and blighted with injury but will slot back in just fine - Templeton and Shiels.

I'd say that more or less covers it, not too fussed with the others.

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Some of them wont fully come into their own till playing back at the top where they should be.

bell..daly...law..wallace..templeton.shiels....little, are all definitely able to hold their own at the top.

Macleod..faure..moshni...aird are probably good enough.

cribarri isnt. Peralta is a doubt, most of the kids probably arent.

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Wallace, Law and Moshni.

Clark's done nothing to suggest he's a hit in the 3rd tier of Scottish football nevermind top flight and I honestly don't see the fuss with McLeod most of the time.

Where does the hype for McLeod even come from ? Seen the odd flash of talent but nothing more.

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Macleod is wasted out wide. He was arguably our best player last season when he was played in the middle of the park.

Know what your saying but see tbh even last season I didn't really see it the way others did. At the start I thought McKay was the better of the two.

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Put it this way, how many of the current XI would get a game in the 2010-11 team?

Wallace... Who else?

*McCulloch was in that team, but exclude him for argument sake.

Jig wasnt even a regular starter in that team to be fair mate.

Oh what i wouldn't give for a jelavic weiss or aluko now for a bit more excitement.

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