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What if Ally


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It was common knowledge Alistair would be taking over from Walter, the only question was when would it be. What if he had went to a smaller club (Thistle/Clyde etc) and gained valuable experience for a couple of years, Walter didn't need him as he had Durrant and McDowall to support him. Ally would then have gained the required management skill set rather than being viewed as Walter's protege and who knows, maybe even came back with different views on training, tactics, man management skills etc. I personally feel we would be in a very different situation now, and most importantly, if he had the experience of working with a very limited budget and using youth's it would have been invaluable now....

McCall, who will probably be the favourite to replace Alistair, done something similar when he was assistant to Neil Walnorck at Sheff Utd, by going off on his own to get experience.

I don't think or believe Alistair should be sacked until we're back in the premiership, sadly I think he will probably fail to win it in a couple of attempts then be forced to go. But was just a thought on how his spell could have been so different, maybe it would still have been the same if he done what I suggested.....we'll never know

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Wouldn't have made any difference. Ally has his own idea on how he wants to see the game played and we're seeing that week in, week out.

As for Stuart McCall why would he be favourite to replace him. Worst thing we could do after Ally is replace him with somebody with the same shortcomings. We need a complete fresh pair of eyes after Ally.

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Was always a jobs for the boys culture in those days, just one big happy family looking after each other, which nobody would split up.

Sadly in spite of relative success it led to us becoming a backward looking dinosaur.

As for the future though, I think there will be a few more twists and turns in the board room and ownership over the next few years which will have more effect on the management of our team than the football results.

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Ally is an assistant manager at best, he is a conduit (buffer) between a manager and the players.

He worked well with Walter and it was a successful partnership,

He does not have what it takes to be a successful manager and he would struggle badly at a lower level club where he would actually need to coach

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