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Like yourself, im no expert, but the underground heating surely isnt that deep.

And you cant have it too close to the surface either?

So it would surely cost a lot! To deepen all those pipe systems!?

Anyone please tell me im wrong.

I think It would be just a case of re laying them not having to replace(buy) anything, maybe some new fittings

If you were to put a row all the way round on all stands you would add 876 seats (going by ticket plan) that would decrease slightly as the rows came down in the corners.

Dig down say 5 or 6 feet, ibrox is only about 20 degree angle and has plenty of space between stands and pitch, fit another 5 rows and that takes us over 55,000 mark.

Dugouts would need brought forward, heating and sprinkler system re-plumbed under pitch, walls at front of stands moved/ rebuilt but I don't see much else that would need done

Increasing the capacity and potential matchday income by 10% for a easily recoupable fee.

Say 5,000 seats at maximum £500 a ST is £2.5mil. Granted this is best case scenario, but it's potential money we are losing out on.

Cash in on the first few seasons back in top flight and Europe, get folk to buy the STs then once they have them they won't want to give them up in case they lose their seat.

I don't know if anyone could hazard a guess on the price of doing this but I can't see it being a huge cost for the potential returns.

Filling in the corners will take massive structural work so that is out for the time being, this is the way we could do it in the near future

It would minimal impact on the design or look of the stadium, it would just look bigger

Filling in the blue areas round the pitch with seats


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I'm sure I read that we cannot lower the pitch anymore due to the water level, and if we did then it would have an adverse effect on it's condition.

Can something back this up?

I'm sure I've heard this too, is not something to do with the surounding area being raised when the old terracing went so if the pitch was lowered any further water wouldn't drain away
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