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A new share issue..


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With a more realistic price we should be able to almost match the last one.

The rebels v board battles won't help but as the board gets things running we will be very attractive to investors.

None of which will matter as we are assured Dave King is waiting in the wings to buy them all.

Then he will need a rep on the board. I wonder who would come out of the woodwork for that one.

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given the low value of our share price, the downgrading in estimated asset worth - I doubt we would get much of an uptake in another share issue and i'd be suspect if the Easdales wanted to do it at this moment given their purchasing strategy of late to take the majority of votes. I do wonder as well though, if the Easdales are to turn round our share price, how will they do this? will Wallaces plan show investment from them, or will it merely be a projected expenditure and cutbacks?

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the following is a complete guess and pure supposition:

We will do a new share issue after next season ends, when we are definetly going back up to the SPFL (Allys "there are no guarantees" comment has probably put paid to any share issue till then).

Our share price will also have climbed to 50 per share as the boardroom has calmed down and we are back in the big time. However we will do well to get half the investment we got from the last one as the last few years of boardroom shite have made people very wary of us, and the fans have no more money.

Therefore we made £22million last time at 70p a share. Half the investors, less share price, little further fan investment = £10Million, if we are lucky.

MakingitupasIgoalong Loyal

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Not sure the current shareholders would be too happy if the board decided to dilute their stake in a company whose share prices are already tumbling.

Anything's better than administration, though, which is exactly where we're heading without further investment in the next six months.

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so we have another Whyte?

Clearly not, but Wallace is hardly going to admit that we are close to administration! And, anyway, I said that the critical moment was not going to arise for another six months. Most independent analysts would probably agree that the cash reserves will have run out by then.

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