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Radio clyde statement to be read tonight


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After last nights disgraceful comments by jim dela?hunt I complained to BauerMedia UK MD

I received a quick response to my request for an apology from them for his blatant dig and promotion of the "sectarian brushed one"

Below is the statement to be read tonight - make of it what you will...

Thank you for your email to Paul Keenan, regarding our Superscoreboard program last night.

As a result of your email and the general response to that segment of the show we are going to broadcast an official statement of clarification at the top of the show tonight.

The official statement is included below for your reference.

“We’ve had a considerable response from listeners to the statement from Rangers Football Club which we read out on SuperScoreBoard last night.

“Last night’s listeners will recall we were asked by Rangers fans to see if we could get an official club response following a tweet attributed to the blogger Phil - The Failed Journalist, alleging that the Rangers chief executive was considering his position.

“The club was clearly seeking to clarify the situation for Rangers fans who are concerned about rumours circulating and we were happy to oblige as we had lots of callers last night who were seeking clarification.

“The press statement which Rangers provided included the original tweet and we read out the full statement, word-for-word.

“Just to be absolutely clear, regarding the reference to ‘Stalag Sevco’ within the tweet quoted, we in no way condone any comparison between football clubs and prisoner-of-war camps and recognise that many people will regard that language as tasteless.

“We’re sorry if any fans were offended, but, for the avoidance of doubt, it was only read out because it was included as part of an official Rangers FC statement.”

I hope this clarifies the matter and reassures fans that this was only broadcast as it was an official Rangers club statement.

Best regards


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Sorry mate - but what has actually been accomplished here? all they have done is say they read out our own official statement?

Basically nothing to do with them, they only read out what was on our official statement, delykunt could hardly contain his smugness.

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Same thing

His job is to release statements on behalf of the club

Unless you mean a tweet?

To be honest, im a bit hazzy on the whole incedent.

For me an official statement should appear on the clubs website, i dont think this one did.

Perhaps JI's position is different from the clubs.

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FFS, getting offended at that? If it was included in Rangers rebuttal then what's the problem with some chunt on the radio reading it out in full? Some people are becoming a little too sensitive. Best stay away from post 9pm telly too.

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Were Rangers fans actually calling RC to ask them to obtain clarification about a rumour from Mad Phil?

Presumably we can also just call in and say we are beggar fans and ask for a club response on the land rumours and they will ask Peter for an official statement?

I dont believe a Rangers fan would ask RC to do what they stated

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