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Genuine question about signing Daly?


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For me I will always give any player we've signed a chance regardless of my prejudices, etc. daly scores lots of goals for us and those goals have won us a fair few games. So for me I'm happy with him. A do get why there's a few that can't and won't accept him and fair enough no one can fault u for it. It's just my opinion that anyone who pulls on the blue jersey at least gets a chance

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The thing that disappointed me most about daly signing was the fact a couple of weeks before he signed McCoist (answering some criticism) said something along the lines of 'he has a gameplan and a vision for the future'.

Then signed possibly the slowest most immobile player I've ever seen.

coco pops n milk turn quicker than oor jon.

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I personally wouldn't of signed Daly mainly because I don't think he is a player that is conducive to the type of football I would like to see at Rangers. I was pretty sure he would do well for us as he can be a handful.

I don't care and really don't think it matters where he comes from or what he believes within reason. For example if he was like that bellend James McClean from Wigan I would 100% of been against his signing but tbf I would feel the same towards a guy from belfast that wore uvf badges and was really into all that sort of stuff just as much mcclean is into the ira pish

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