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I note the person promoting the Fans group "Supporters Direct Scotland" is a Paul Goodwin. He is promoting a Fans buyout of clubs which intrinsically I'm comfortable with. Whether its suitable for our club is another question and what his agenda is is also a question for another day.

Another different Paul Goodwin was jailed for fraud


The main aspects of the case in the herald are as follows

"Temporary judge Roderick Macdonald QC, told Goodwin: ''You are a shamelessly dishonest man. There is nothing that can be said in your favour. ''You repeatedly breached the trust of clients by not investing the money with which they had provided you. ''You appear to have shown no remorse or contrition for what you did. The sum involved was enormous and I take particular note of the fact that this was not a crime of deceit practised on some impersonal organisation. ''Your victims were all ordinary people with little or no knowledge of financial affairs or the investment world. Your conduct can only be described as loathsome.'' The judge pointed out that, on the very day financial regulators arrived at Goodwin's office to investigate the allegations of dishonesty, he had the effrontery to go to the bank, where he embezzled another £ 90,000 of client's money. Goodwin has already served an 18-month sentence for attempting to defraud an elderly couple out of insurance policies, and yesterday Mr Macdonald also disqualified him from acting as a company director for 15 years. Some of Goodwin's victims have received compensation from cash recovered by liquidators and the investors' compensation scheme, but others are thousands of pounds out of pocket. After a five-week trial at the High Court in Edinburgh, a jury convicted Goodwin, 34, of Kilmory Avenue, Uddingston, of embezzling £ 796,746 between September 1993 and May 1996. Clients of Goodwin's firm, Caledonian Investments, of Carlton Place, Glasgow had handed over compensation received after crippling accidents, or cash they hoped would be invested to provide security for their old age. Instead of investing the cash, Goodwin ploughed it into his own business ventures, which included a deal to sell car insurance and financial products to Celtic fans, but the club severed all connections with him shortly before the collapse of his business in 1996."

I know the 2nd Paul Goodwin because I was involved in business deals with him and when I saw the name connected to SDS I was intrigued. I cannot remember his face. I would not wish to make any unfair connections and tarnish the good work the 1st Paul Goodwin is doing with SDS.... but is anyone able to check this out.

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