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Got hospitality booked for March 15th, obviously expecting a 3pm kick-off.

Now that the SPFL are hawking the game out to tv, it will probably get moved to lunch time.

(To provide their alibi for using Saville castle).

Anybody got previous experience on the drinking times for early kick offs?

Done the 3pm a few times but not the early shift.

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I was in the tennent's lounge last season and the game got moved.

You get more value for money tbh, I got a breakfast and then a curry at full time. I imagine it'll be similar in Club Europe- I've been there too and there wasn't much difference.

As for drinking times, IIRC I had a pint or two before the game.

this!!! ,,,,, club europe east. loyal!! its best in the stadium!

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I have been to club Europe loads of times but I don't remember the format changing much for an early kick off. Once when we played and beat septic there was an early kick off with the food served after the game which was great as it turned into a big party all along the club Europe corridor. In more recent times there have been moves to restrict how much you can drink & scoff I presume just for cost reasons. No more 3 pies at half time.

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