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Given that the only thing that appears to be stopping us from bringing this emotive song back is one allegedly offensive line. Surely the time is upon us to rectify this and replace the offending line with one that not even the mhock offended could complain about. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing at the thought of a packed Ibrox belting this out again. If we are fortunate enough to get to the Cup Final would there be anything better than the team running out to the noise of 40000 bears roaring Hello Hello and shaking the foundations of the piggery to the core. Now is the time for the songwriters on here and elsewhere to do their bit... WATP

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it's ridiculous we can't express political opinion in this song

but I would be willing to sing "up to our knees in toasted cheese" if we bring it back

we had a nice rendition last season at Hampden when Fraser Aird scored that last minute winner

my heart beat wildly

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Great idea, why has nobody suggested this in the past?!


Good idea, amazed that no one else has thought of changing the words..

The guy's a pioneer, an innovator and a visionary.

His ideas are intriguing to me. Does he have a newsletter? I'd love to sign up.

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