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***The Official Ayr United v Rangers Match Thread***


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The forecast for the weekend looks okay, but there could be some bad weather between now and Saturday. My guess is the game will go ahead.

I'm concerned about our back four for this one. Foster Cribari Faure Wallace isn't great.

McAusland should be thoroughly debriefed about the Ayr squad, as we need to be well prepared. I'm sure that Ayr will think they can win it given our absentees at the mo.

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I will be at the Railway end for the second time this season. Don't Ayr have good managers or players that they can name their stands after? I mean the "railway end" sounds as if a wain named it.

I will be wearing a Rangers scarf and my new Nike trainers if anyone wants to chat during half time. Not during the match though as I am an uber diehard. Obviously.

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Think it might be a struggle for us, fingers crossed I'm just being pessimistic but it took two great goals to beat them there last time and both our CB's are out.

Hopefully Templeton and Shiels can keep up the good form

Prediction is us to edge it either 1-0 or 2-1 (tu)

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Foster, Faure, Cribari, Wallace.

Aird, Macleod, Law, Templeton.



Expecting the Ayr end to be very busy, think we should make sure Bell is well wrapped up, also expect Cribari to put in a transfer request as soon as he comes off, its gonna be nippy out there.

4-0 to the Gers, Daly, Law, Shiels and Macleod.

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Most are a bit worried about this one due to our defence being a bit screwed up due to suspensions. I'd rather give Gasparotto a go than Cribari as we're either going to keep one or the other and we should be showing confidence in the one we'll be keeping. We haven't been showing Cribari much confindence lately.

Also, I was reading about how well the U20's had been defending, that last goal against Aberdeen being the first one lost in about 720 minutes. I know it's a different class at U20, but I'd like to see him given a chance.

I'd look for a 3-1 win for us on Saturday, wind permiting.

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