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Rangers fans' chief urges Wallace to stay in touch


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Rangers fans' chief urges Wallace to stay in touch

RANGERS fans' chief Andy Kerr insists communication will be key as Light Blues supremo Graham Wallace gets set to enter the second stage of his Ibrox overview.


Graham Wallace is carrying out an 120-day Ibrox overview

The new Gers CEO has embarked on a 120-day examination of all aspects of the club as he bids to cut costs and ensure financial stability while allowing boss Ally McCoist to continue the Third Division champions' progress back to Scottish football's top flight.

Next week marks the halfway point of Wallace's root and branch review and Rangers Supporters' Assembly President Kerr is keen to hear more from the corridors of power.

He told SportTimes: "I think the signs have been promising so far but the true test is what happens at the end of the 120 days.

"It is still work in progress but the fans have said they are happy to give him that time. We need outcomes at the end of it that are positive, though.

"The biggest concern remains the finances and I am sure that is central to his review.

"We need to see plans outlining how we will attract more investment and, on the back of that, the impact that will have in terms of the team and the aspirations in a football sense.

"The year-on-year progress on the park needs to continue, that is what fans will respond to.

"He has come across well and I just hope that he gets the opportunity to implement his skills and experience to take the club forward.

"He needs the support of the board and everyone else at the club to do that.

"I have just written to Graham in recent days regarding more meetings and I'd hope that the supporters would have the chance to collaborate with him.

"It is crucial how the end of this 120-day review is handled in terms of how the key points are put across and I would hope that there is a plan to communicate with the fans.

"Season tickets will go on sale soon and that is why communication is so important. Mr Wallace knows that."

While Wallace has been working behind the scenes at Ibrox, the Light Blue legions have been proactive.

The Rangers Supporters' Trust this week purchased another 200,000 shares in RIFC plc while Supporters Direct Scotland will meet with fans in Glasgow tonight.

Kerr said: "These are things that we need to capitalise on and keep up the momentum.

"There are major things that need to align - are things going in a more stable and constructive way? Is there more investment coming to keep up the progression?

"The fans will get behind the club and play their part, there is no doubt about that."

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Aye let's just keep that countdown running.

There's a helluva lot of folk in the mhedia and sadly among the bears hoping not much happens. I can already see that whatever does happen will immediately be decried as not enough.

These supporters groups need to GTF. (VB excepted) as they are full of their own importance. Who is this Wan Kerr to be issuing veiled threats to the board. "Talk to us or remember it is nearly ST time"

All of the fans they represent collectively would barely make a dent in ST sales if they all didn't renew, tho obviously that would never happen.

The sooner the club has a proper fans group we can all get behind the better.

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Genuine question - who are members of the Assembly?

It used to be supporters clubs had to join it but that hasn't happened for years now

So how many members do they have and what is their constitution?

have a look you will get a shock....................

last updated 2012


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Wallace intimated at the AGM that he would be seeking new methods of engaging with the Rangers support. Here we are 4 months on, no new initiative just the same tired old faces and the same regurgitated quotes from the same dreary and rather boring 'Rangers fans spokesmen'.

Why is it always spokesMEN, why dont we have a 'fans spokesWOMAN? Might liven things up a bit -- could be no worse than Dingbat, Dinnie or Kerr.

Ok fill in the blank in this quote 'Rangers fans spokeswoman LucyBlue said....................................................................................... :matron:

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have a look you will get a shock....................

last updated 2012



That's the assemblys means of communication.

They all tell Wallace to do things they cant do themselves.

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Here you go.....

The aim of the organisation is to be autonomous and to maintain a single consolidated body to represent all Rangers Fans.

The organisation shall be non-political and non-sectarian.

The objectives for which The Assembly is established are to:

-Improve Communication/Consultation between Rangers Fans and Rangers Football Club.

-Represent the views of Rangers Fans to Rangers Football Club in matters of policy, services and any other pertinent matter

-Create a stronger association between Rangers Fans and Rangers Football Club

-Reduce fragmented discussions.

-Help to grow the Rangers fanbase worldwide.

-Help to ensure the long term growth of Rangers Football Club

MEMBERSHIP/STRUCTURE: The Assembly will comprise of the following Fans groups: The Rangers Worldwide Alliance, The Rangers Trust, The Rangers Blind Party, The Rangers Disabled Supporters Club and The Corporate Client Group. Other organisations may, from time to time, be invited to join the Assembly.

COMMITTEE: The management and control of The Assembly and the handling of its affairs shall be vested in the Committee. The Committee shall be elected bi-annually at the Annual General Meeting. The composition of the Committee shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Minute Secretary, three Auditors and fourteen General Committee members.

The Committee shall include the following. - Six representatives from Supporters Clubs in Scotland. - Three representatives from Supporters Clubs in Northern Ireland. - One representative from a Supporters Club in the remainder of the United Kingdom (including England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands). - Two representatives from the Rangers Supporters Association. - Two representatives from NARSA. - Two representatives from ORSA. - Two representatives from the Middle East. - One representative from The Rangers Trust. - One representative from The Rangers Blind Party. - One representative from the Rangers Disabled Supporters Club. - One representative from The Corporate Client Group

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With one exception (VB) these associations now need to take a backwards step.

To many cooks and all that. A new broom is not only required within the club but within the associations connected to or aspiring to be the biggest and the best. I would hope that the people at the head of these organisations do indeed put the club before ego, sadly I have my doubts.

We have to find a voice, someone who can speak for the majority of supporters clubs, not a handful of blazer chasers.

Surely this is achieavable…..

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They do have a point though.. We haven't heard a peep out of Wallace for weeks now, and the only thing that's been put forward was a cut to the players wages, which was shot down in flames..

He would be foolish to announce anything before the review is complete. May also be rules around the stock market depending on the outcome.

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