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Hugh Keevins - conning fans


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Hugh Keevins: Celtic and Rangers are conning fans by bigging up small achievements

HUGH believes under-achievement is being covered up at Parkhead while talk of Trebles involving the Ramsdens Cup embarrasses Ibrox club

WHEN Albion Rovers go further than Celtic in the Scottish Cup it’s time to hold your hands up and come clean.

And when you’re photographed holding an advertising board aimed at selling tickets for Rangers’ ‘title run-in’ when your team is 23 points in front with 13 games left to play you might at least have the decency to look embarrassed.

But part of the deal now with Scottish football is you agree to have your intelligence insulted at regular intervals without ever complaining about it – or even admitting that it’s happened.

A properly-developed grown-up, however, should reserve the right to examine the nonsense they’re being fed and give the now traditional answer in return – are you having a laugh?

Neil Lennon tells everybody Celtic have had a “brilliant” season. But how can a brilliant season possibly contain an extra-time defeat at home to a lowly championship side in the League Cup, and without managing to score a goal in two hours of play against Morton?

How can a brilliant season include a Champions League group stage in which, for the first time, Celtic looked as if they were out of their depth?

Finishing bottom of the group while taking a six-goal beating in Barcelona, and failing to make the consolation prize of the Europa League, is what it is.

A worrying glimpse of a difficult future at that level for Celtic while their squad is voluntarily diminished in quality season after season.

Also, how can another season without a Treble being won during Rangers’ time in the lower orders be excused on the basis that only Jock Stein and Martin O’Neill have managed that distinction throughout Celtic’s history?

If those two men could manage it when Rangers were battling them for everything then they should be left out of the argument. The question is why can’t a Treble be won by Celtic when the championship is a given at the start of every season for the current team?

And on the subject of perspective, Rangers fans are now supposed to swallow industrial quantities of guff about their team’s current standing.

I’ve no doubt Lee McCulloch was only delivering the party line when he was used as the frontman to sell tickets for the remainder of this season.

But he can’t possibly believe in his heart of hearts that reaching the Scottish Cup Final in May would be the equivalent of the run that took Walter Smith’s side to Manchester for the UEFA Cup Final against Zenit St Petersburg.

Lee was part of that run and must know the difference between beating Panathinaikos, Werder Bremen, Sporting Lisbon and Fiorentina and getting past Airdrie, Falkirk, Dunfermline and Albion Rovers.

It’s an insult to the memory of those involved in Europe to compare their efforts to a romp through the lower leagues. Whatever Rangers have done in the Scottish Cup this season is no more, or less, than they should have done under the circumstances.

And spare me this ongoing fantasy about the Ramsdens Cup forming part of a hoped-for “Treble”. That word is being used by those who clearly don’t mind having their intelligence insulted.

The truth is Celtic and Rangers are not what they once were and have chosen to live in a world of their own invention for the time being.

Lennon asks if it’s realistic to expect Aberdeen to challenge Celtic for the title next season when there’s an obvious gulf in points between them at present.

“Have you looked at the league table?” he asked during his press conference at Lennoxtown on Thursday.

So the manager uses realism when it suits him, and questions reality when there’s an inconvenient argument to be made for saying Celtic’s season has been inadequate.

He should have a look about him this afternoon when Celtic get a skeletal crowd for the visit of St Johnstone and take a reality check.

Celtic fans are disgusted by under-achievement and if Rangers are cavorting around Celtic Park with the Scottish Cup after the final is staged there then their disenchantment will rise to a new level.

Two clubs are trying to take two lots of fans for mugs, and only the gullible are falling for it.

The rest have used the evidence of their own eyes, exercised adult judgment and decided to stay away until these two clubs are more recognisable.

That’s why season tickets are still on sale in February.

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Ramsdens cup and league one, it's still a treble if we can win those both and the Scottish cup, we can only compete in the competitions we are in Hugh and last time I looked when you win three trophies in one season it's called a treble, can only piss with the cock you've got hardly embarrassing

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Maybe we should come out and say "Don't come to watch us - its shite"

It seems in Hugh Keevin's land, that this is exactly what we should be doing. Hugh forgets that the two sides of the Old Firm, are not just football teams, but also businesses, and it'd be stupid to say "Oh well the leagues over, don't watch us anymore lol!"

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It seems in Hugh Keevin's land, that this is exactly what we should be doing. Hugh forgets that the two sides of the Old Firm, are not just football teams, but also businesses, and it'd be stupid to say "Oh well the leagues over, don't watch us anymore lol!"

Some cunt is paying him to write that and some even stupider cunts buy it

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If you win three cups, is that not a treble? Or does that fandan of a plum know of one secret, true definition?

The value of the trophies, that's a different matter, but I'd rather we won the three competitions we are involved in than we didn't.

We know were we are, and we know what's on offer. We don't need the likes of him to tell us. As for the season ticket thing, really, is that the best he can do to beat us up? Pitiful.

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he gets the wrong end of every stick.

Mcculloch was comparing the challange faced by each team not the teams themselves.

The ticket deal was to advertise the intro of student prices a decision that was made because the league is over.

the only bit he gets partly right is you do need put your intelligence aside in Scottish football especially when dealing with its very poor media.

sums up the media in scotland, lack luster and desperate to offend as its all the imagination they can muster. Clear the lot out top to bottom.

Time you did us all a favour huge and retired

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My only two issues, apart from the fact it was written by a bigot, is this line "The truth is Celtic and Rangers are not what they once were and have chosen to live in a world of their own invention for the time being."

Rangers did not choose to live in this world of invention as he puts it.

The SFA, SPL,SPFL and Liewell created this not us.

Secondly the jist of this is that a treble is really important important if you are the yahoos but not if you are Rangers.

Why does that not surprise me.

The man is a bigoted idiot and to be ignored.

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No club in Scotland is going to win the champions league anytime soon so why not celebrate winning domestic cups/titles? In Rangers case we'll be the first ever grand slam winners in domestic football. Premier league, Scottish cup , league cup , Ramsdens cup , and divisions 1-3 no one will ever do that in Scottish football other than Rangers.

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How can Doncaster attract big super sonic sponsors with the likes of this article, The game is on its knees because we employ a moron like doncaster and have sports writers lkke keevins putting himself out a job, cause if guys like these two keep doin what there doin, theyll be no football in this country soon. nutcases

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What are the clubs meant to do? Surely in the modern business environment in which they operate they are right to have recourse to such marketing to ensure they are maximising the revenue streams open to them? As fans would we not be critical if they failed to do so? Have we not been critical of such failures in the recent past?

It's up to us as consumers to see past the advertising and marketing guff before deciding to part with our hard earned as it is with any other product. Keevins is indulging in the usual sensationalist journalism. He seems to be dragging the Rangers into it merely because he is hurting at the scums inadequacy and the fact our season looks on course to be regarded as more succesful than theirs.

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"The truth is Celtic and Rangers are not what they once were and have chosen to live in a world of their own invention for the time being."

Aye... We totally chose to be in the position we're in.. "Lads! Mon' fuck it we're gawn tae play in the 3rd division hahaha!" daft old man.

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He is bang on the money with the scum, but then tempers it in trying to curry favour with their malcontent following by having a go at us, not that you couldn't tell! For us to win the treble in the situation that we now find ourselves in, is indeed a mammoth achievement, but not one of the rhat infested mhedia would dare give us the credit due, in fear of offending the plastics in the east end.

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