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In-fighting and power struggles. Holding us back?

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A collective back lash against the board from the media, some supporters groups and individuals has been in overdrive lately.

It looks as if our investors are willing to put 1.5 million into the Club to overcome a short-term cash flow problem. Money invested by stakeholders who want us to avoid costly bank loans or financial insecurity.

The board is acting in our best interests IMO yet there is a concerted effort to vilify them. I can understand that some people never wanted this board and indeed may have actively campaigned against them. They had the right to do so but clearly lost the power struggle at the AGM.

We should have drawn a line in the sand after the AGM and made efforts to move together and give the new look board a chance to take us forward. This clearly isn't happening.

Some are holding grudges, others pushing their agendas and others refusing to face the reality that the board remains in power. They all have one thing in common though... they are holding us back as a Club by not giving the board the time they require to move us forwards. I don't think genuine Bears consciously set to hinder our progress. But I do think they some fail to see the bigger picture.

Let me give you an example of how the in-fighting has already held us back. Our non-existant scouting network. Two years since admin and only now are we looking into developing a scouting network.

The board (and it's them who have to develop it) have been hindered by a bitter power struggle. For a long time since admin it has all been about crisis management and fighting for power whilst trying to keep the Club ticking over.

In the meantime scant regard was paid to developing a scouting network. The board was too busy fighting off challengers and spending valuable time and money on it. I think all parties can agree on that much.

There has been a lack of strategic planning over the last year or so. Graham Wallace is endeavouring to change that. He has asked for 120 days to instigate a plan aimed at securing our future to the top of Scottish football.

It isn't an unreasonable request. Given time and allowed to do his job unhindered I am sure he will deliver a business plan that will develop the Club financially and on the field too.

Constant attacks by those who won't move on hinder his efforts and threaten to take us back to where we were before the AGM.

We need to progress as a business or we fail as a Club. We fail our supporters, the team and our forefathers who built this great institution from nothing.

Time to put our differences aside and push together to ensure that our Club prospers. If Wallace and the board fail to deliver so be it. I will be the first to ask for their removal. But let's give them opportunity to prove themselves first.

We are in this together guys. We may disagree with each other on many things but let's not lose sight of our primary objective..... to push our great Club back to where it belongs.

I welcome feedback and ask that posters refrain from using patter like spivs, rebels and the likes. It stifles debate and vexes fellow Bears.

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Totally agree with that mate. If only all Bears could see how it the same way we would be so much closer to where we belong.

Just one thing? What are we supposed to call the rebels? :)

I live in hope.

Call them fellow blue noses, bears or mate? Might catch on. :pipe:

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agree let them get on with it without all the other shit from so called rangers men. after the 120 days if he fails to come up with the plan then that's the time to question it.

If the plan isn't up to scratch we should defo question its worth. It is potentially the most important Rangers document in decades. I for one will go through it very thoroughly and will be highly critical of any flaws.

I expect Wallace to do a great job though. Fingers crossed.

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McCoist was correct when he said they needed a big broom. Alas it's ally and his cronies that need swept out.

We get all the old school out and the Rebs cease getting info.

The dissapointing thing for me is that you are clearly an intelligent and articulate guy but chose to resort to cheap digs and name calling rather than contribute to the debate.

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D&D. I thought you would have realised before now that thehost always tries to turn a thread into an Ally Oot rant. Nice of you to suggest that he is intelligent tho'. By the way, cracking post!

I'm aware of his opinions on Ally and his compulsion to slander him at every opportunity. I think it benefits Super overall as his assertions are often off topic, totally outlandish and tend to backfire. :pipe:

Oh, and cheers. (tu)

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Why can't the people causing division among the rank and file Bears support just not take a break? Personally I'd like to see both the SoS and RST disbanded, end of. That for any number of reasons is unlikely to happen, so here is an idea. Guys have a moratorium on talking to the press, making divisive statements and no more banners unless they are in direct support of the club.

In other words 'shut the fuk up for a while'. Lets stop all the board-baiting on twitter rand facebook. Stop giving our enemies ammunition on twitter or and on other social media outlets. Stop talking to the Daily Record. Is your 15 minutes of fame more important than the club?

If you really do support The Rangers and have the interests of the club at heart, then take a 6-month 'time-out' and give Wallace and board an opportunity to sort the finances. Let's also see how the club wants to engage with the fans.

Even your 'great leaders' the Mini-One and Al K Murray have wound their necks in and are causing little if any disruption in the ranks. Perhaps they are biding their time or perhaps they are giving the board a chance. Either way they are keeping quiet. A lesson the fans groups would do well to heed.

So how about it lads - a six month period of JUST SUPPORTING the club claim to love. The in-fighting does not help The Rangers and only emboldens our enemies, and we have plenty of them.

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