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I couldn't believe it had finished actually, the show I mean. I was shocked when the badge came up bottom left :lol: awful ending, pretty poor go home show.

The ladder match will be worth watching and I look forward to seeing Sting on a stage like that, but that's really it. They are going to have to make some considerable swerves at the event to make it interesting.

The real must watch is Raw next week as always! Can't believe that'll be a year since Cesaro went with Heyman though... Two years since Ziggler and the cash-in! :anguish:

Yeah I couldn't believe that was the ending. They could have atleast had the big pull apart brawl or something like that. Terrible stuff.

The Raw after Mania will probably be the highlight of the year (as per usual) Extreme Rules is usually a lot of fun too and then it'll be back to them twiddling their fingers until Summerslam

hype kicks in.

They really need a concentrated effort to make things better after Mania becuase the TV has been awful for months now.

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watch out for this baby at wrestlemania and raw lol    

Ya bunch of pathetic paedo bastards 

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Wrestlemania - Battle Royal odds - Betfair

Where's the cash going for you fans? :sherlock:

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Do you think Wyatt will go over at mania now there is no streak?

I doubt it. I think they will make both Undertaker and Sting win to make them both look as strong as possible building up to a match at WM next year.

Ending the Undertaker's WM streak (to Brock Lesnar of all people), is up there with the dumbest things the WWE has ever done. IMO, It would have made far more sense to end it in his last match, or to do it against someone like Wyatt to give him a push. Even him retiring unbeaten at WM would have made more sense than ending it against an already established wrestler like Lesnar.

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As far as ICW goes, this is a very unusual question, but has anyone ever thought about working for them? To get involved, I wonder what sort of experience and stuff you'd need. Be funny if an RM poster became a manager or something, all it would take would be confidence, charisma and wit on the mic.

sign up to their wrestling school and if youre good youll get noticed

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It's possibly the worst ending to a tv program I've ever seen, Brock lesnar the beast, the man who will take your wife, and re name your children lesnar! Should of destroyed reigns for even stepping in the same ring as him, never mind taking the belt. Who the fuck are the writer's...

Monday night should have Neville going after Rollins as he thinks he's the standard bearer and the future, on the back of winning the battle royal.

Charlotte should go after Nicki also.

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If Lesnar is staying I think I want the Reigns turn and Heyman betrayal angle even more now.

Lesnar is a borderline baby face at this point anyway and if they carry along the lines of the UFC type sit down interviews and have him just destroying people then the fans will be with him anyway regardless of if he can talk or not.

Him and Paul are a great act, but I think they could go their separate ways and be just fine but I wouldn't be surprised if he stays heel and goes on to face either Rock or Austin next year at Mania.

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