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Rangers hothead Bilel Mohsni knows he must clean up his act after picking up 28


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Rangers hothead Bilel Mohsni knows he must clean up his act after picking up 28 yellow cards and six reds

THE French-born centre-back has picked up the whooping amount of cards during his spells with Southend and Gers but insists he has actually calmed down from his school days.

Willie Vass JS30734332-2981796.jpg Bilel Mohsni has words with Airdrie manager Gary Bollan

FIERY Rangers star Bilel Mohsni admits he’s being taught a harsh lesson in British football.

But the big defender revealed he has actually calmed down from his school days when he was a trouble-maker who had to be subbed before he was sent off.

Mohsni has amassed an incredible 28 yellow cards and six reds during his spells with Southend and Gers.

Tonight, he’ll return to Ally McCoist’s line-up against Stranraer after serving a two-match suspension for kicking the ball at a Brechin player and being sent off.

The French-born centre-back acknowledges he has to curb his temper in the SPFL.

But he has also urged League One referees to give him more protection from strikers who aim sly kicks and flying elbows at him.

Mohsni has been urged by McCoist to “count to 10” in volatile situations. But the 26-year-old revealed he reacts so quickly he can barely get beyond one.

Ahead of the Ibrox side’s trip to Stair Park, the defender said: “To miss games for Rangers has been frustrating. But I know the red card was a silly one.

“I was upset and it was a stupid reaction from myself.

“I didn’t help the team against Brechin and maybe they could have done better with me on Saturday against Stenhousemuir.

“I had a chat with the manager after the red card but there is no excuse from me.

“He says I have to count to 10 but I just react and I don’t have time to count to one. I need to be more clever and more relaxed in the games.

“But this is my personality. I’ve actually changed a lot from when I was younger.

“Whenever I come to a new club now people think ‘Oh man, he’s mad, he’s crazy.’

“But I just want to win every game. I’m a very passionate player and I take everything very seriously. I try to be fair on the pitch – I don’t put my hands on the striker or try to injure him.

“I just try to take the ball but they do it the other way around. That’s very hard.

“I expect the referee to protect us more because we know in this league that whenever anyone plays Rangers, it’s a big game and they prepare to give everything.

“But sometimes that means some bad kicks.

“When I was younger? You were allowed to be subbed during games so every five minutes, I’d be taken off. That gave me time to count to 10!

“I was a hard character at school. I’ve worked hard to change it because I was a

nightmare back then. I used to get into a lot of trouble but every year, I’m trying to get better.”

Rangers-Brechin-3102877.jpg Mohsni was shown red against Brechin

Mohsni believes opposition players will look at his poor disciplinary record and attempt to target his temperament as a weakness in Rangers’ make-up.

But after picking up two red cards this term against Airdrie and Brechin, he wants officials to be more open and talk to him before producing cautions.

He said: “In the Airdrie game, I was sent off after the full-time whistle but the referee didn’t protect me.

“I took a couple of kicks from their striker and thought he should have been sent off before me.

“After he wasn’t booked following the second kick I was unhappy. In this game the ref had a couple of chats with me.

“But after the second time I was more upset with the ref.

“I wasn’t concentrating on the game and I took my frustration out by reacting. I was angry.

“I always felt he was going to send me off because he spoke to me but it wasn’t a normal chat.

“It was more like I wasn’t allowed to speak to him. That’s tough to take.

“A referee has to understand the frustrations of a player.

“But I have no excuses for the Brechin match. Both of the yellow cards were deserved and it was his job to send me off.

“Will opponents now try to wind me up? Of course.

“In England, I also received a couple of red cards. Everyone knows what I’m like so they do it on purpose.

“But I have to be more clever.”

After a few days’ break in France, Mohsni was back at Ibrox on Saturday to take in his side’s 3-3 draw with Stenny.

At half-time he mixed with Rangers fans – the majority of whom will be desperate to see him back involved at Stranraer this evening.

But he knows some punters weren’t happy with his antics against Brechin and that’s why he’ll look to clean up his act.

Mohsni said: “I have to control myself because we have big games in the Scottish Cup coming up.

“When I start games I’m fine, it’s what actually happens in the match.

“I need to be more relaxed because I’m not helping the team. I have to take more responsibility.

“I spoke to the fans on Saturday and most of them were nice. But one fan, I remember, said the red card was a ‘disgrace’ and I understand that.

“He comes to watch a game and support his team. He wants to see Rangers winning 5-0, 6-0 or 7-0.

“But I can tell him I was more upset at myself after the red card than anyone else.”


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