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Will Winning The Scottish Cup Change Your Mind


Super Ally  

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  1. 1. Do you want Ally to leave ?

    • He should walk now
    • I think he should stay but if we fail to win the Scottish Cup he should walk
    • I think he should go now but i'd change my mind if we won the cup
    • If we win the cup he should still go
    • He deserves a go at the championship regardless off the cup

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I'm fed up with all these McCoist out topics after every game, everyone knows were not performing our best but the fact is were till undefeated in the league and got the chance win the Scottish Cup. Although the Ramsdens isn't a major honour the SC is, so i'm just curious into how the Scottish Cup would rate to our supporters

I know there's another poll just know but this doesn't answer the question mines is asking

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Kind of inbetween answers.

I want him to go at the end of the season, however if he wins the Scottish Cup he deserves a crack at the Championship to see if anything changes, maybe he would get a major confidence boost and change his approach?

Wishful thinking probably but my point stands, win the Scottish Cup and he should have the Championship to prove himself. League and Ramsdens double and he can leave on a high. No excuse for not winning the Ramsdens.

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Winning the cup would blow a huge hole in the narrative that some on here have decided on.

not really - winning the Scottish cup without having to play Pacific Shelf is not exactly fantastic for us. for a team without a 6 million pound budget maybe. but i get you back McCoist because you are taking a long term view. I'm taking a long term view as well - i just dont think McCoist is it.

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For me at this moment based on the last 2 years worth of play as a whole while factoring in the costs involved in attaining it/watching it - I think Ally should go at the end of the season unless we win the Scottish cup.

Arguably this Scottish Cup couldn't be easier, it may well be the best crack we have at it for years to come (remember we are about to cost cut and go up in divisions). So for all the money that's been paid for, and to, the management/players, I want to see proof that Ally is a capable manager before the hard work "begins". This for me is winning this Scottish cup.

Bear in mind that we have generally played utter gash for 2 seasons against the lowest level opposition, we are about to ask for more money from the fans to go and watch it, we've spent something like £14M so far on this team/managements wages, we're about to cut the existing budget to this squad for the foreseeable future, we're about to attempt to reach the top of another two Divisions and compete in the cups too. Does our current play with the "big" budget suggest Ally is capable of doing this job to you?

I know some people including myself are tempted to say "Until the wheels come off he should stay" a.k.a. "when the league results start going against us regularly then we'll change it" but I cannot escape the feeling that it will come at some point and it's timing will be terrible (like there is going to be a good time for this to happen considering our recent predicament) and we simply cannot afford for it to happen. There is no scripture that says that the next manager will be able to, or will have time to, turn it around.

I suppose it's a bit of a catch-22 as you have no guarantee that if you replace Ally at the end of the season, that the new manager will be up to the task ahead either.

Basically it's like this, we are playing utter garbage but have spent £14M in wages on the management and players wages since the start of the 3rd Division - has our play and our achievements in all competitions suggested to you that Ally can win better Divisions on a reduced budget? For me the answer is no at this point, sadly. Therefor unless hope comes to me in the shape of a treble (or very near it) and improved performances I want to take a punt on someone else at the end of the season.

Problem for me here, to add to your points, is that I see no progression from our team and no seeming strategy from our play. That is hugely disturbing for me and to give another "shot at" the championship itself could hurt us as a club.

Personally I would prefer a new manager who could get some form of flow to the play and stop this ten men for a defensive corner attitude, lets not forget the "lump it up the park" defending a corner when nobody is up the park :(

Legend of a player, not a manager for me. Even an SC run would not have that much gloss unless we get a DU or sheep in the next round/final as we have been extremely lucky in the draw/stadium as well.

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Winning the Scottish cup would prove he can win major honours. I'm of the opinion that winning things is all that matters. Playing decent football is an added bonus. Would take winning trophies over entertainment any day of the week. So yep if he wins it then he deserves to stay on.

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In the same way you can't judge a team by a solitary cup win, we can't judge Ally on one.

Whether he wins it or not, he should be judged on his and the teams performance over his reign.

Whilst he has been very loyal to Rangers and is a true legend about the place, there is no getting away from the fact his record as a manager sucks.

His signings have mostly been poor both football and monetary wise.

His European games were beyond shocking.

The huge lead we blew pre admin was a disgrace.

Post admin, he has a decent record tho with the second most expensive squad in the country you would expect that against part timers.

His tactics are at times very questionable and his Walter like refusal to sub anyone til after 70 mins is very frustrating.

He will get a shot at the championship thanks to the fans loyalty, the lack of cash for a replacement and the question of who woukd come to replace him.

Perhaps he deserves it, I don't know and I'm no expert. I really hope he does turn things around and succeeds but I fear he spent too much time with Walter and is now Walter lite rather than his own man.

Walters style suited Walter, and I don't mean the cardigans, but I doubt it works for anyone else.

As I said it would be a great part if the Ibrox fairy tale if Ally could lead us out of the darkness but I fear we will rue letting our hearts rule our heads.

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You should have added another option, "should ally go if he keeps bringing everybody back for corners". The negative result your looking for may have been achieved but the reality is this, I don't care how guff we are playing just now, Im of the opinion that until we don't win the league we are in, we show some loyalty to a club legend "we don't do walking away", have a think what that saying means to you!!!!

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Obviously I'd love to see us win the cup, especially under these circumstances and ally would deserve credit for that win. However I honestly would rather see us get hammered of Aberdeen and suffer short term as long as long term we got ourselves sorted on and off the park and got back to dominating Scottish football without the need to overspend to do it!

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Obviously I'd love to see us win the cup, especially under these circumstances and ally would deserve credit for that win. However I honestly would rather see us get hammered of Aberdeen and suffer short term as long as long term we got ourselves sorted on and off the park and got back to dominating Scottish football without the need to overspend to do it!

1. Strange reasoning, we won't dominate Scottish football with that attitude, winning is everything.

2. However many times you say it, operating in the Scottish league on a reduced budget will not make us winners, it will produce teams like Dundee United and Aberdeen.

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