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King urges fans boycott


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Sorry if it's been mentioned but the story has just went up on BBC website

Cunt has no shame

His end game is to crash the club and pick it up for pennies it's obvious

So many so called Rangers men do more damage than tarriers

Sick of this shit

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He is scum for wanting to invest in the club but does not want to see that investment go to the current shareholders return on their investment? Jesus wept.

Couldn't give a fu(k if my post is against the grain of agenda driven cliques.


I agree.

I was willing to give this board there 120 days but they seem to have done fuck all with it though. While rejecting Kings investment and going to Laxey for a loan.

Laxey want a return King doesn't.

To any Rangers fan you would be asking why they went with them and not king?

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The way i see it is the board are a strange bunch. Why are they rejecting investment from King Then going to laxey for a loan?

King wouldn't be charging 15%.

Something isn't right here.

Someone's lying what makes you so sure it's Wallace? Why would he lie or reject Kings offer?

If King did offer interest free loan you've no idea what sort if non monetary conditions he's applied to it

Not everything's black and white

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