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What Will Rangers Be Worth In Top Flight


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Im getting a bit sick of hearing the gullible touting Dave Capones takeover bid as some sort of philanthropic exercise from a Rangers man with the clubs best interests at heart.

It's almost like they think he isn't getting anything for the few millions he puts in to steal it. (which he gets back anyway)

Are they forgetting or are they so stupid, that Rangers in the top flight with possible euro football will have a much higher asset value ?

The players alone will be worth a fortune. (the players then, not now)

King spivs takeover will be funded by fans via IPO, plus debt through folk like Ticketus. His vague grand promises will dial back, probably using the previous board as an excuse for doing so.

He gets the club, the prestige and the assets.

The fans get the bill and patronised.

Sounds like a great deal to the insane.

Then it's back to the future. Mini returns more powerful and manipulative than ever, possibly even followed by Baldy Bain.

We'd better hope the board see this off quick or the tax dodger loyal will see our club finally killed off.

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While some of us are going off the edge a bit with King, he made it perfectly clear in his statement he wants the fans to at least help finance his increased shareholding which he will "front". This seems to have escaped a few people and that alone gives me pause with regards to his plans.

We should all take a deep breath - cause there is more to come of all this - of that we can be certain

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You make good points OP, but you need to lay off the KingSpiv Dave Capones stuff just let the facts talk they tell the story just fine.

I just thought that was the current terms in use for such people. Are you saying its not or that we shouldn't apply them to King ?

If the cap fits anaw that.

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