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Abuse - Zero Tolerance

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Ok, so once again we find ourselves bogged down in petty insults and personal abuse. We try to give leeway and not be too heavy-handed, but sadly it seems you can't behave yourselves without someone breathing down your necks, so here we are.

We are now going to adopt a zero tolerance approach to personal abuse and the terms that go with it. This will include, but not be limited to, terms like scum, taig, taig-like, retard, rhebel (or any other word with an 'h' added in for effect), arsehole, wanker, moron,...

For clarity, this will apply to all personal abuse between posters, and also extend to all current and potential board members and staff, i.e. it is not ok to call David Somers a moron, Dave King an arsehole, Ian Black scum, etc. We can all discuss their shortcomings without resorting to these insults.

Anyone dishing out abuse will have their post removed and be issued a warning. Posters who cannot heed warnings will be issued with temporary posting suspensions, anyone who still can't accept this and wants to make themselves a martyr to the cause will have their wish granted.

It's ridiculous that it has come to this, but we will be enforcing this rule and we need your help to do it. If you see any abuse, each post has a 'Report' button on it. Please use this to keep us informed, and we will deal with the abuse appropriately.

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