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For my first post, 1000 ago, when I joined at the outbreak of the meltdown, I suggested that Ibrox host a concert or other fundraising event, using that massive asset, OUR OWN venue to try to bring in some badly needed cash.

1000 posts later, we are still in dire need of cash. The £1.5 million from Easdale and Laxey have attracted more comments about the cost of the loan than why it is needed.

When the RFFF was set up, it was to raise as much cash to pay off creditors and try to minimize the fallout from the financial meltdown.

Not enough coverage was reported about how that cash was distributed, but then the media hates us, so what could we expect.

But when you think about that £1.5 million, it actually equates to £30 per seat at Ibrox.


Now I realise that the internal politics is a huge issue, with shite flying back and forth, which to me feels utterly sickening.

But I honestly think that again, it can be down to the fans to take a lead here.

A Sponsorship, or even straightforward donation to the club, by as many fans as possible, could go along way to helping us get through a very dangerous phase, at least until the next season ticket cash comes in.

Even my dodgy finances could afford a £25 or £30 paid either by Bank transfer or Paypal.

If others wanted to lambast us for being "Ibrokes", FUCK THEM>

We have never presented a united front, ever, except in the numbers of fans who turn up at matches.

Not all of us get to matches anymore, and feel distant, so there are a lot more fans than just those who could fill Ibrox to capacity for the right occasion.

As you are not "buying" a product, such as a part-season ticket, this would be done on the basis of a gift, and donated on that basis, with the intent on helping the club to weather this storm.

We cannot rely on a sugar-daddy (which to some extent many are ).

This thread will probably get shot to shit, but while our enemies are ROFL their arses off, and fans are sniping like fuck at each other about who should take the club forward, maybe it is time to just consider the Club itself.

The Club would have to promote this and advertise it.

The media would either ignore this , or denigrate it. Ahmad might see cash trickling in and say, "My money".

To both I say FUCK OFF>

It might be a crazy idea, but if you can think of another way to put extra cash the Club's way, let us know....

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Would definitely be up for this, some supporters may not be able to afford £30 were as some supporters may pledge more money. Great idea (tu)

Sure this would appeal to many of us who are overseas.

Why could the money in TRFFF not been offered to the club as an interest free loan. Thought there was about 500k in the bank.

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There was a similar type thread a wee while back (around the time that there was talk of Ibrox and Auchenhowie being targetted ) don't know why we as a support could not raise the cash along the lines of the op to buy one or both and ringfence them for future generations whilst at the same time ploughing a chunk of cash into the Club...

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I would buy into the OP suggestion, I don't think you would get a great response though.

People are moaning about the price of a match day ticket for today.

Think you overestimate the depth of the hardcore support.

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In this instance, I think it's a great idea.

We would need to use it to gain some form of leverage, though, to ensure it went on the right purposes & the board didn't keep overspending & develop the mindset that we'll always be daft enough to have a whip round & bail them out.

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