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Supported Ally all the way but even if we win this I have now seen enough and I fear for our future on the park. One up front 11 back at corners No confidence to run by players except Wallace and Temp

I am one of the biggest critics of the SofS and their plan to withhold season ticket money but I'm going to lose a degree of credibility in that argument as I can't continue to purchase my season tick

Hi Ally. Gonna just walk please.

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fuck sake, some of the fans on here are a disgrace to the rangers name. is it mccoists fault their keeper is playing out of his skin? is it mccoists fault that our players cant hit the target? no i dont think so. fucking grow up or fuck off.

Aye the keepers been outstanding catching easy shit crosses? We have had 9 attempts and 2 on target. Even if we win he has to go at the end of the season.

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Where's the Ally backers after this .It just breaks your heart .He is unsackable as Easdales won't get rid of a Manager that is just about to win the league .As Ally said other day covering his arse .Its about working our way through the leagues .This is written with 61 mins gone and I want him out of here but it's got the Hamilton game of 87 written all over it .Hope I'm wrong for all our fans sake .Not Ally's

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I love Ally as much as everyone else and have given him up to now with my support. Probably hoped he could take us all the way but I think we will end up doing ourselves more harm than good if we scrape to the top tier playing like this and end up mid table/nowhere near challenging.

Its realistic. Emotions are running high. I really hope we win this but I am looking at long term and not game by game.

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Long punts are for American football not soccer, it would be a blessing if Daly got injured and we had to keep the ball on the deck and make their defence turn instead of being able to attack high balls. Not panicing just yet but Ally will have to put some spin on this performance even if we win.

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He's clueless don't care what anyone said

Said it from day one

Getting lucky and sneaking past Albion Rovers just papers over the cracks

You know what? He will get lucky AGAIN as the people who fail to renew watching his shite he carves up will get lumped in with the Dave King group who are anti board thus wrapping Ally in cotton wool again

The op is right

Ally out

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