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Ramsdens Final


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Can see us getting beat here. Not playing well, morale is low, fans are getting frustrated after 10 mins. Raith are a decent team. Just pray we can pick up and win the replay well by 3 or 4 goals and build momentum but I can't see it.

We need to start playing two strikers. Little and Daly or Little and Jig till the end of the season then get Boyd in along with new youthful prospects and build a team round Boyd Law and Lewis.

Even Sky picked up the 11 men back at corners- It means the opposition can put 7/8 players in our box- where is the sense in this.

I reckon Ally will stay until the end of the season but tonight and tomorrow he needs to realise what is happening. Why is Durrant and his team not seeing what every other fan is seeing? I really do not get it.

A couple of sensible changes could save our season. I pray it happens.

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Their goal was as a result of us having too many players in the box getting in each others way

3 going for the same ball

And it kept happening afterwards as well

I'm astonished that we still conceded with all the men back, it was a tap in in the end.

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I fear the ramsdens cup may be the nail in Ally's coffin.

The boardroom saga is keeping allys job safe. Board cant fight the king rebels and Ally loyal all at one time.Sooner king comes onto the board, talk of withholding ST monies disappears, and Ally agrees his departure is in the best interest of the club the better. I can but dream......

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If we get through we cannot afford to play either at centre back or Uniteds speedy youngsters will skin us. We will need to come up with a tactical masterpiece to counter them which would then give us a chance

He is well capable at CB and there is nobody in our squad that will cope with their attack .

McCulloch should never be near that position again but he is a far better goalscorer than Daly will ever be .........

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This 11 back thing we bring the opposition on to us and invite them in the box.

Its a joke never seen a Rangers Team do it in my puff.

Pathetic tactic.

Play Jig up with Clark and or Daly or Andy Little plenty of bite in Jig up front just get him out of defence and play Fuere with Mhosni

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After the tims got knocked out the SC we should have been on the crest of a wave. Confidence should have flowed, our performances should have vastly improved and a real chance of winning the Scottish.

After today it also crossed my mind we might get beaten in the Ramsdens.

Something is seriously wrong at present to let this opportunity pass us by.

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Take if one game at a time. We will clinch title on wed, we will beat Raith in the final, and we will also beat Albion rovers in the replay.

The cup semi all depends if we can get our act together and play the way we were earlier in the season.

Will we win the cup? Who knows with that team,

Do we need a new manager? Should never have got the job in the first place when Walter left.

Now is not the time to remove Ally from the position, he must resign with his back room staff at the end of the season as we could not even afford the compo.

Then we must move heaven on earth to get the man who should have got the job in the first place? Billy Davis.

Davis could be the best signing we make in the next few seasons, he would get so much more out that squad.

Sorry ally your a legend, but as a manager your not what we as a club need

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