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What are you for from the end of this season;

Ally out?

Ally stay?

All coaches out?

Everybody out?

No change?

After a year and a half defending the current set up, but not denying their faults, in the hope of improvement, I can now no longer wait for that improvement

I am now in favour of a root and branch clear out of the entire club. Get rid of everybody on the football side from manager to lowest rated youth player. An absolute clean slate and brand new football philosophy. Forget everything we used to know or think about football and reinvent the wheel.

I am well aware we would no doubt slide back down the league's but at this point I am prepared to sacrifice the next decade for the benefit of the next 50 years. If things continue as is we will never be a European force again, never dominate Scottish football as we should and never achieve what the levels of success we have become accustomed to.

I just can't see any other way than absolute reinvention.

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All out.

We have not progressed ( in footballing terms ) over last 2 seasons.

Yesterday just confirmed what I have been thinking over last few months.

The club needs change from top to bottom, footballing and financial management needs a major clear out.

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All the coaches out.

Look at the difference a manager can make. Sheff utd under weir couldn't buy a win. Under clough they're playing well and just made semi final.

Mccoist is a managerial wash out. Any manager from the 1st division or even jim jefferies would have us performing much better

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All coaches out. Much as a total clearout is appealing, we'd struggle to get £2m for our entire playing staff so it would be impossible to assemble a new squad.

We could build an entire squad with £10,000. I wouldn't want to spend money on SPL dross again. I'd set a limit of £750 pw. If teams like Falkirk and Dundee can operate like that so can we.

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We need an entire new coaching staff, Ally is getting all the blame but Kenny Mcdowall and Durrant have been hopeless too by the looks of things. Complete clear out needed, with some coaches brought in that would actually recognize a training schedule.

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We need to rebuild from within and start getting the best out of our players and facilities and the only way to do that is a complete clear out of all coaches. Bring in guys with a fresh perspective and who can get the most out of what we have instead of over spending for success!

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A guy I work with blamed Wallace for our team performances. Lol, ever since Wallace came in and wanted the players to take a pay cut. The team have not performed. Lol. Everyone to blame but ally.

Some Rangers fans are deluded, "give him another year" IT'S BEEN 3 YEARS!!!!

"Give him a 'normal' season" When will that be exactly and how many red necks do we take on the way so Ally can keep his fortunes rolling in?

The mans not a manager, he's a spokesperson at best if anything in football outside of playing.

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How much do you reckon that entire Albion rouser squad is worth?

I'm sure its peanuts - but we should be aiming somewhat higher than the Albion squads take home pay as a comparison. Players have to be attracted to play in Scotland - nobody wants to play here - and money is the attraction. We will always have a higher wage bill relative to the clubs around us.
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