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***Albion Rovers v Rangers***

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Rovers have made £200,000 from these 2 games We have single handedly rebuilt Scottish football from the bottom up with the blue pound

I like Aird. Decent, energetic, confident wee player. Everyone wants young guys given a chance, and then when they are many are very critical of them. Remember he's 19. He's progressing well. He needs

On St Paddys day??? WASH YER MOUTH OUT

I do and according to the Dunlop brothers they are pish on them, also the game should be a higher tempo because of the surface make them chase the ball for an hour then kill them off.

If we resort to pump and lump it will be us doing the chasing, winds getting up a bit,.. Ides of March.

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Daly up on his own is a continuing disappointment if that is the case, delighted Gallagher is starting, even if it's out of position.

I hope he shows the same hunger he showed in his 15 minute stint, big game to get your first start.

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I don't expect any surprises in our line up or our style of play.

Bell, Foster, McCulloch, Mohsni, Wallace, Aird, Law, Black, Smith or Peralta, Clark, Daly

Turgid football, lumbering centre forward winning few balls in the air and a narrow 1 maybe 2 goal victory.

He wouldn't play the kids when the league was won so he isn't going to do anything radical tonight.

a beacon of positivity as always sir :P

Seemingly gallagher is starting so there goes your wont play the kids idea :D

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