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Puma-Wallace needs to have a word


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Having witnessed the shambles that is this year's kit, I feel the club should speak to Puma about the overall quality of the gear. Not only does the sponsorship logo peel off after a few washes, the overall quality of the material is below par. We are also handed an average template that is pretty poor in comparison to most SPL kits. (Aberdeen and Hearts are miles better).

It's embarrassing and frankly humiliating to see our players training in kit that is literally falling apart. For a club our size, this is not good enough, and I will not be shelling out £50 for another piece of garbage if the situation doesn't improve.

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I bought a Lions rugby jersey that cost me £60, the quality was fantastic as it always is from Adidas. I then bought my Rangers top for £50 the following week, and the difference in quality was shocking. Totally un-original design this year as well.

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I agree with the OP

the last few umbro ones have been belters in comparison to this one

The quality and fit is shocking and the sponsors falling off is just an embarrassment to puma

I definitely think the club should have a word with puma and see what the fuck they are playing at

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THIS is the first year in decades I haven't bought a single kit, terrible and vastly over priced, disgusting to be honest.

First time in years I haven't bothered as well, very poor kits from puma this year, look like training tops, glad I never purchased one heard a lot about the poor quality

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What's the most effective way of going about this?

This isn't a direct answer to what you're asking but I think in order to make sure your voice and many others are heard on this issue you should maybe create a new thread and ask for it to be pinned by Admin.

Clearly there's a widespread consensus that for the money Rangers fans are paying out the standard appearance and quality of the kits should be better. Most people however will just complain on the forum and not actually contact Rangers or Puma. If people realise that the only way to yield improvements for the future is by sending both critical feedback on this year's kits then change might actually happen come the next round of kits, albeit it might be too late for next season's.

Organise everyone's criticisms into one standard letter, replicate, and send. (tu)

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