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Attitude and Energy


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Two parts of the game that I believe are absolutely vital tonight. We know that Albion have rested almost the entire starting XI at the weekend in perpetration for tonight and that they will be fired up big time for this.

However I'm kinda sick of hearing that on how THEY will be fired up or how motivated THEY will be. It should be the case that we should match or better their attitude and energy tonight and IMO ours should be better.

You can talk all you want about the "romance" of the cup but if you flip that and look at what these players have as an incentive as Ranges players then they should be out there from the first whistle making sure business is taken care if.

We are Rangers, they may not have the same quality as previous Rangers squads and players but as soon as you pull on that jersey it should ALWAYS mean striving to be the best.

The players are talking about the possibility of winning the Scottish Cup .......well go out and prove it. A proper chance is there to make history, no complacency and get stuck in.

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I'd like to see us coming out with the same urgency as we did againt Airdrie in the first half. We looked like we wanted it and we played with pace and closed their players down as soon as they touched the ball. Hopefully we get a goal early then we'll win by at least 4.

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