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Drunk Woman at Ibrox..

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Aw. God love her. She'd a bit too much to drink and like some do, she decided to try to get the atmosphere going.

Whilst it was funny, we should be grateful that she was at least trying to improve the atmosphere.

I can't but help say, purely for her attitude, good on her.

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Don't get the outrage. Back in the day when The Derry was in the corner of the old centenary stand 'burds' like that were commonplace (emphasis on common) and when a goal was scored they'd be getting 'felt up'.

Must have enjoyed it as they returned every match and seemed happiest when we scored :mutley:

Ah the good old days - bring back standing at games.

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is anyone got a bit of fucking.............................come on

That bit made me laugh.

Who is it that tells the story of a fan at a Scottish game getting all carried away working to a crescendo of something like "You ya fucking..... fucking......."?

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I'll tell you what's embarrasing.

Filming a fellow bear who's only 'crime'is getting a wee bit drunk and trying to get her fellow fans to make some noise.

The girl wasn't sitting that far from me and there was people sniggering and making comments,telling her tae sit fuckin doon.

Well i say good for her.

If there was 50000 more like her we'd have the most feared stadium in europe.

I hate what our support has become sometimes.

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