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Adding some facts to the debate on stadium neutrality.

The Dude

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Having seen all the bleating and complaining about Ibrox not being a neutral venue for the Scottish Cup semi final I took it upon my self to do a little bit digging into the numbers behind it. Looking at the European Cup, Uefa Cup/Europa League, FA Cup, Scottish Cup and Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup)The results I took a note of every final played where one of the teams inolved used the stadium as their home ground.

Overall I found a total of 33 fixtures which were played at a 'non neutral' venue. 18 were won by the 'hosts' and 15 lost.

European Cup/ Champions League

4 finals played involving a team who regularly play at the host venue. 2 were won, REal Madrid in 56/57 and Inter in 64/65. The other two were lost by Roma in 83/84 and Bayern in 11/12.

UEFA Cup/Europa League

Since this was a two legged final until 1997/98 this is a nice easy one. Two finals. One win (Feyenoord in 01/02), One loss. Sporting (04/05)

Cup Winners Cup

First one was excluded as it was two legged.

One final played at a partisan stadium. 1981/82 where Barca beat Standard Liege.

So, as you see. A huge advantage in European finals.

There was no FA Cup finals I could find where a team played at their home ground in the final. So I'll look at the Copa del Rey next.

Copa del Rey

Right, theres a lot more of these now, 19 in total so a quick summary of them. 11 have been lost by the home team with Real Madrid (or Madrid FC) losing 9 of them with 6 of the losses coming at Bernabeu. Espanyol and Athletico Madrid have lost one apiece, both to their cross city rivals. I had a slight problem with the 1980 final however as desptie it being held at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid played against their reserve team (seriously)

Real Madrid and Barcelona have both won 2 on home turf wilth Athletic Bilbao pickng up the other two 'home' wins.

Slightly unrelated point here, but if Athletico Madrid ever get Real in the cup final at the Bernabeu take a punt on Atletico. 4 finals at the home of their big rivals and four times they've won.

Scottish Cup

So, now onto the competition at the heart of the controversy just now. The Scottish Cup. Theres been 7 finals held at the stadium of one of the finalists, I didn't include 1994/95 as despite Celtic playing there for the season it wasn't 'their' stadium. It was a one season thing and it would mean i'd need to look into the history of some spanish grounds which havent existed now in 60 or 70 years. Anyway. Of the 7 finals 6 were won by the 'home' team. Queens Park in 1874, 1875,1876,1880,1884 and 1886.

The last Scotttish Cup to have taken place at the home of one of the finalists is quite a noted one in Scottish Football history. You see it was the last time Hibernian won the oldest surviving trophy in World football. 1901/02. Their vanquished hosts? None other than the Champions of Sporting Integrity themselves.


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Thanks Dude, but can you give us the stats for semi-finals (tu)

I'm just going to look the info out now for Semis. Having to do a bit deeper digging it seems.

Having looked at the first 5 or 6 years it appears that the semi finals venue was either decided by the order of the team drawn or a coin toss and in later years I'm struggling to even find a venue listed for some.

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