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RST helicopter Sunday


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It's a shame people see RST and immediately dismiss what would, I'm sure be a great night. Just goes to emphasise the lack of trust and division amongst our support.

Any money this great night still turns into an anti board rally - wee choice snippets thrown in here and there and tables all fist pumping

Plus it's lining the pockets of that disgrace of an organisation

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All true Rangers fans should shun this corrupt mob and starve them of funds until we get proper corporate governance and transparency from them.

They are taking the piss out of all bears kidding us on that Dingwall us out.

"Right fat lad, you've landed us right in it. We can't be seen to defend you or we will lose the few members we have. After the AGM mauling that's all we need. "

"So what do ye want me to dae about it ? I'm no resigning. It's ma baw"

"Calm down and have another pack of jaffa cakes. Don't be daft. All you need to do is SAY you've resigned. That way there is no connection and if there is no longer a connection there is no need for an investigation. "

"And then what?"

"Look mate. You ARE the RST. We can't be without you. So you just lie low for a while, stay out of the public eye until the fans forget about it and then we will gradually ease you back in. Lets face it, if they are daft enough to swallow the resignation and no investigation bollocks, they will quickly forget your wrongdoing."

:"Aye awright. I'm no happy about it, but it sounds like a plan. Are you gonny eat the rest of that jaffa cake ?"

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