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***** The Official Brechin City v Rangers Match Thread*****

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We play Brechin at Glebe park Sunday at 12:45 pm, Brechin may not have collected any points of us but they have taken the most goals, from the 14 we have conceded Brechin have scored 5. Gallagher has made his debut and scored, like to see him get another start, must be time for another debut, Telfer maybe.

video by Julescotia

2 - 0 to us, like to see a clean sheet tomorrow.

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Starting with the manager, he encourages this pish

Paid 50p for a game of pool, the pub refused to give us the cues, so we got our 50p back, stole the triangle the chalk and aw the balls and played pool on the floor the next pub along.

Bell clearly got the ball before the minimal contact was made. can't believe the big deal they're making out of this

Since this game we have been very solid away from home. Am I right in saying that Brechin have scored against us every time we've played them in the past two seasons? So for that reason I fancy them to get at least one.

We should have more than enough to beat them handsomly, but I reckon it'll be similar to our usual form this season. We'll struggle for a long time, but eventually run out winners.

Ally's team selection will be interesting - just how much will he rotate?

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Despite the league being wrapped up we still have a cup final and semi-final to play for. This is when Ally needs to set out a challenge to his squad over the next couple weeks - those in the team must play well to keep their place and those on the fringes must impress when they are given a chance. There is no sense in our regular starting XI being complacent and knowing they will start in the final and semi-final, they have to earn their spots in the team. I think one of the main reasons for the poor performances over the past few months is because certain players know that they won't be dropped no matter how bad they play.

Hopefully this is what we see over the next couple of games. It is vital that we go into those cup games on good form.

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Would love to see the likes of telfer and gasparato get a run.....I know there are different schools of thought on this but I think we need to drive competition for places before the cup games and improve the intensity.....

I'd line up;












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I'd like to say it's going to be a 3-0 win for us, but they do manage to score against us for some reason, I don't see them not trying it again. Certainly as highest scorers against Rangers FC, champions for 2013-14.

It's becoming quite exciting just now with the title in the bag and all these cup games coming up. Ally would do well to play a few of the youngsters in these games as they're not jaded or worn out, they're very hungry and keen to impress.

I think we'll win, say 3-1, or 4-1.

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Bit of trivia for ya ......

Since that summer of 2012 we have faced Brechin away twice, scoring 6 goals in the process.

Those goals have been scored by 6 different Gers players .... can you name them?

Mr Strongbow, Mr MD 20/20, Mr Smirnoff, Mr Jaegerbomb, Mr Budweiser and Mr Chips Cheese and Donner.

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