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Teams to win - Liverpool, Everton, Man City, Newcastle, Tottenham, Man U, Aberdeen, The Beasts, Motherwell, Dundee, Hamilton, Rangers.

Also had Derby, but just missed it coz it had just kicked off (they won 5-0)

Just waiting on Spurs, Man U and us to win for my accumulator to come up.

Anyone think any of those 3 will drop points?

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Sorry but i hope you lose. Fucking can't stand it when cunts win and i always lose

I haven't won yet.

Am waiting on spurs and Rangers. On paper you would think that's almost a certaity, but spurs have been rank rotten in recent weeks and we have won the league, so fuck knows what type of team and what motovatuon will they have to go for the win?

Players not wanting to get themselves injured for the big games we have coming up etc..

If it is 0-0 with 10mins left, can u sre our team going all out full scale attack to get a goal?

I'm hoping that because there's no pressure on the team, that it will give them tge confidence to do things the wouldn't normally do and beat Brechin out of pure ability and surperior fitness.

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