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Who is our most important player?

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Who could we not afford to get injured out all of our senior players?

I'm going to go for Wallace, I know we have Smith, but he isn't even half the player Lee is. I also think Foster is a better choice at left back than Smith. That's where he alway played before we signed him and made him a RB (typical Walter)

So, who is your choice?

I don't think Black gets the credit he deserves.

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Wallace, he's also the most creative player not to have been out for a period with injury this season. Temps, Shiels, Macleod all have been out for considerable time. Law should also be up there with Waldo but on his form this year he wouldn't really be missed sad to say.

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Lee Wallace is the obvious answer, and his contribution speaks for himself. He really is a great player.

That said though, I think Ian Black's been one of our best players this season. Very tidy in possession and helps move it on to other players. Very rarely puts a foot wrong.

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Who would you say is better tgan Wallace?

And who the fuck would you swap daly with? Stokes?

Smith could cover for Wallace no problems for where we are at the moment.

As for Daly, in another set up Clark and Little, even McCulloch could fill the void. This league isn't hard.

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Mohsni will be found out in the championship, he's a bombscare at the back and thinks hes Ronaldo when he goes forward , which is a tiny bit bizarre. He's a poor mans Bougherra.

Wallace is vastly overrated by many. He has hardly kicked a ball since the forest carry on in the transfer window and our play is very 1 dimensinal with him, lump it up the wing and hope he can out pace a amateur right back.

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