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Meridian bar


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I've heard a shit load of tickets have been sold for this bar on Leith walk for a sash bash before the Ramsdens cup final i've been hearing it's shut down and is a scam, can anyone shed any light on this, i've had a girl i know enquiring about it and this is what shes been asking.

Guys, I booked tickets for a bash in the meridian bar in leith, one of the guys on bus was there today and said all boarded up, only pub that was shut about lunchtime! I have since cancelled tickets as we were due to pay on Friday 125 for 25 tickets. Does anyone know if this is a scam or legit?

I don't know if is a con! Had my doubts from the beginning, we ordered tickets then one of the boys was in Edinburgh working today and went to have a wee look before I hand money over! He said it was closed! I contacted the guy and he said it's legit and he spoken to manager last night! I asked a work colleague who is a hibs man and stays through there and he said it's closed and was a casual pub! My concerns were it may be a scam, but if legit, will it be full of hibs casuals? We are going for a party, no to be scammed or in danger if full of casuals! That's why my club taken decision not to purchase anymore.

If anyone that stays in the surrounding area or knows about this place could shed any light on this please comment


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Don't go near that place bud, it's a dive, it's the worst pub in leith always trouble, it was closed by the police a few months ago but was allowed to reopen with new owners, but by the look of things it's just as bad as always, I'm a cabbie so I'm up down past the place most nights and it was open at the weekend there, hope this helps.

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