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What age were you in May 1995?

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I'm really old!! I was 22!

I was 24! Coming up for 25 in the November of that wonderful year. Lot of good memories of then. I was travelling round England and Ulster doing GlassBlock jobs with a company based in Chingford. After starting my GlassBlock Career doing the 2 Towers at Ibrox. Wonderful times.
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I was 28 and I was enjoying Rangers domination of Scottish Football

We were well on our way to 9 in a row, we were winning trebles and doubles on a regular basis and in 1993 we were one goal away from the inaugural Champions League Final.

So to sum up,

In 1995, I did not give 2 fucks for Celtic, They were not even our main contenders.

Note the difference, The vile, disgusting, repulsive Bheasts are obsessed by "Our" Club,

They only exist so they can hate us.


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