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Effing Journalists- Part 952,323,715

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Are Rangers’ fans being held to a King’s ransom?

Tuesday 1 Apr 2014 3:57 pm


Rangers captain Lee McCulloch was honoured at the weekend (Picture: Press Association Images)

Standing there resplendent in their freshly pressed hired tuxedos, taking the acclaim of those fortunate enough to be able to spend a bob or two to be in attendance, the Rangers Hall of Fame winners of 2014 had an evening they would never forget.

Captain Lee McCulloch’s face was the picture of joy as he proudly accepted his award for his devotion to the team.

He joined in the illustrious company of the likes of Meiklejohn, Young, Caldow, Greig, Jardine, Cooper, McCoist, Laudrup, Gascoigne and Gough as someone recognised as a proud servant of the Glasgow club.

The club, due to financial mismanagement, have fallen from grace off the field but their loyal support have continued to follow them in incredible numbers.

Despite the dubious luxury of being offered the opportunity to cheer on their team in such grim conditions that the likes of Peterhead and Annan have to offer, the continued dedication of the Rangers fans has been incredible to witness.

Now though their loyalty is being tested to the extreme, thanks to the ongoing battle for power at Ibrox being fought by the existing board and the man seen by many as the shining knight in armour – Dave King.

I’m already on record as expressing my own personal doubts over King, his reputation as being an astute businessman of some trust and high morals tainted thanks to his business practices in his adopted homeland of South Africa.

But then again those critics of the current incumbents of the Ibrox boardroom appear to have a solid case.

Let’s not forget that these are the people who ruled out any chance of a second administration days before they were forced to dig out the begging bowl and go cap in hand to a wealthy shareholder.

For the Rangers supporters it must feel being stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

For now though fans should put all talk of finances will be put to the backs of their minds, as the Ramsdens Cup final represents their club’s first chance of winning a trophy in three years.????

Wind up, incompetence or an attempt at an April Fool?

I'm not exactly raging at this. It's more "Pffft! FFS! doh ".

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Im very near being ready to email that journalist with a stern ticking off, and/or shout "MEH!?" down the phone at him. But I do get your point Oleg they cant even get Simple facts right, thus the reason I havnt bought a paper in nearly 7 years. :thumbup:

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Id say the author meant first cup in 3 years not trophy. Apart from that its certainly much better than the tripe spewed by keetch or Nuremberg Hugh or the lover of Turkish brothels Britney.

That's what he/she did mean but that's not what he/she said.... who fuckin wrote it anyway?

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