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No Big Banners at Easter Road.

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Security personnel at Rangers & Hibernian gave a pass to those wanting to take Big Banners to Easter Road on Sunday, both clubs confirming they were okay with it.

However Police Scotland have since gone against this decision and no big banners will be allowed into Easter Road on Sunday.

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What trouble is a flag going to do ?

Football has lost it's fun element now , it really has

Players get booked for celebrating, flags banned incase someone gets poked in the eye, large banners refused in grounds, supporters arrested for signing songs

You pay your money to go to the cinema , theatre and enjoy it just like you do football! It's entertainment.

Where's the fun & entertainment nowadays ??

Sit on your seat , don't dare stand , don't sing a song , don't do this or that...

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Anyone daft enough to be thinking about voting for the nation wrecking Salmond's stormtroopers should get themselves used to this kind of abuse of power.

Pathetic doesn't cover it.

Makes me laugh when people make out that Salmond is the Tzar of the New World Order. Your rights have been eroded, your freedom is gone and your grandchildren will be slaves. Get used to it. You could have put up a fight but you were all too busy arguing amongst yourselves.

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