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I can't believe it...

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Was reading McCoist's reaction to today's shocker of a game ( http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/6695-missed-chance-were-so-costly ) and I cannot believe what I'm reading.

McCoist knowingly fielded players who hadn't trained, or were still injured... What sort of plan is that?

"Alright lads, you'll be really rusty today's game, and you might hit the deck due to serious injury, but play yer heart out for 15 minutes, and we'll win this thing"


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We should punt Daly and Law at the end of the season. As much as we wanted them to work out, the are just costly indulgences that we can ill afford. Not game changers.

We can't just punt them

Someone has got to want to buy them.

There won't be many who will want them after today

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Fully believe Ally should walk on this alone; How can he justify playing guys that haven't even trained in the lead up to this game, and were still injured, and not match fit? Completely crazy.

And now he's out giving it; "I don't fear for my job" - Only because we don't have the money to sack you. Ffs.

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The Wallace substitution baffled me, why not drop Smith into left back where he plays?

Instead he brings on faure a centre back at right back, puts foster a right back at left back

whilst keeping the ineffective Smith in left mid?

That tactical masterstroke ensured we had 3 players playing out of position, no excuse

for that as it is just fucking insane.

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What has happened to law , getting worse by the game

Whatever a players starting position (great, average, poor) we typically (arguably constantly) take them back the way.

Players don't improve, tactics don't improve and fitness does not appear to improve.

Law, Black, Templeton, Daly..., the list goes on. Same with the youths.

Regardless of all other mitigating factors that is unacceptable.

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