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the boy that fell

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Yeh I was only yards from it too. I never saw him all I heard were sickening low thuds as he rolled down tha stairs.

Just pray that he is alright. Incidentally, those stairs are death traps. They're so steep. So many elderly fans struggle to get up them and there are only the odd token handrail. They need redesigned and quickly.

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I saw the aftermath, the stewards and police were awful and didn't have a clue what to do. Blood was pouring from him, was worrying. I feared the worst. Never seen so much blood in my life,

Hope he's okay, was frightening.

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I thought this was about Mohsni in the lead up to their goal!

Hope the fan in question is OK though (tu)

Funnily enough so did I. Second that, that I hope he's okay. Hopefully the only saviour was that he didn't have to witness that shite at the end of the game!

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Stood up to see if the guy was ok and fans behind start moaning.

A player was down injured and there was fuck all happening aswell.

Another fucking gripe of mine mate. 1 minute in and we were singing and cunts were asking us to sit down. Geez fucking peace

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