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How would you describe the mood among the bears

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Sad,gutted,let down,embittered,fed up.

Just don't see where we go from here. Even if we get rid of ally(which we can't afford to do) what are we going to attract?

No transfer kitty

Decreasing wage budget

Non competitive wage ratio to turnover(might be enough to beat the diddy teams in Scotland but no where near enough to beat the lowest teams in Europe or the manky mob)

worthless squad

No scouts

No board direction or plan

In fighting

Its not just the manager the whole fucking club is a shambles. Something has to give soon,change must happen. really hope the people in charge of the club have similar drive and ambition as the fans certainly doesn't feel like it.

wake me up when its all over....

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Disappointed but not surprised. From the performances in the last 6 months this has been coming for a long time. I felt this season would be the one were we would see how good a Manager Ally could be. He has had plenty of signings but the football has been so poor most of the time. The tactics are very defensive and the reluctance to use young players frustrating. Playing one up front against Raith sums it up I feel no matter what happens up to the end of the season Ally should step down. We need as many have said an ethos throughout the club relating to style of football bringing young players into the team. Unfortunately the present management team do not have it and should go. I would like to see us advertise for a new management team and see who is interested

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Embarrassed and humiliated. The worst Rangers team I've seen in 50 years. Several players not up for it. Whats the way forward? New coaching team I'm afraid. Why do we have a management team of three? Time for Wallace to swing the axe even if it means Ally staying but get rid of his mates.

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Felt disgusted.

I was embarrassed before the game even started when I got into the ground and heard it was 4-5-1.

How does Ally think that makes the opposition feel when they know by our line up that we are scared to attack them and are predicting a tough game? I was speaking to Raith fans after the game and they couldn't believe our line up and our style of play.

It's fucking atrocious and I'm pig fucking sick of going to games and knowing we are going to sit back and just hoof the ball and every opportunity.


If we had played a 4-3-3 and attacked them for 90 minutes and they scored a stupid, sneaky goal, the majority of us would have accepted the defeat a lot easier.

Glasgow Rangers playing a 4-5-1 is piss fucking poor never mind against Raith Rovers. Never mind in a cup final.

Albion Rovers, Raith Rovers, pretty much every home game this season we have lined up like this. Disgusting.

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Even though I have lowered my expectations of our team, I did not expect an easy victory nor a spectacular performance. I was still surprised how poor we actually were. A very long way to go and not sure if any of the current team have what it takes, every one of them are capable of playing in a team able to beat Raith Rovers, however, they seem to be unable to perform in front of large crowds who expect to see 100% commitment every time they take to the field. I am really nervous about playing Dundee Utd.

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Wasn't surprised we got beat . I see the same shite served up each week.

I travel in hope to each game but I'm getting really fucked off seeing the same script - turgid football , the arms crossed genius on the touch line waving to the sounds of super ally from BF 1 . He is getting no grief at all , we are getting mugged off and he thinks everyone loves him .

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I was embarressed to be honest - in the pub watching half a dozen taigs dancing around at the back when Raith scored - I felt humiliated.

But here is the thing - I wasn't shocked by the result. Our style of play and performace level has led up to this. I wont say I could see this result coming - as i still expected us to win - but neither was it a great surprise when we got beat.

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Fucking livid.

We have been made out to be an embarrassment yet again because of a clueless talentless manager.

It's ok for McCoist and his merry men but it's us who have to face the pricks ect at work and get laughed at for things like today.

I'm close to not going back till he's gone and that's something I'd have cringed at a few years ago but no way I can sit and pay for the shit we are getting served up.

Everyone knows he's not got what it takes so let's stop pretending he's going to be something he's not.

Sing super Ally till your hearts content but at the end of the day the mans a failure as a manager and the longer he stays here the longer it will take to be back where we belong!

I've been going since I was 9 and I've never not once given up on Rangers since then ,through the dark days in 80s but last week I sold both my final and semi

Final tickets ..I was hoping I would be wrong the the team would step up to the plate .Sadly this team under him is the worst in my memory .Everything about our Manager ,his tactics ,his Mr nice guy all the time image ,most of his recent media ramblings etc etc etc are making me disallusioned with the team I love .He has to go and sadly I think there will be more calls for his head after this weekend .Still cling on to the Hope I'm wrong though as getting to the Scumdome means everything .My instincts say he never learns and we will fail .

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Disappointed and let down, still can't say much about the performance.

There is no energy in the spuad on the field, Aird was our only hope on the wing and he got found out today, there full backs were happy for him to try knock it past him because they knew they had him physically every time.

I thought Clark did well when he came on but could not get on the end of much. If they played that team in any league game the format of the team is to hold out for a draw, McCoist can only go for the safety option anything other than that his tactical ability is just a shambles.

I always made my self believe that our poor performances was because there was not much to play for, the only question I really wondered was if a big game came along can we get out that lack of tempo way on playing and the question has been answered No.

Support was amazing, Display was very tidy but the performance was the opposite, Need a change that's the only way we can grow from here. And that's my thoughts in a nutshell

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ignoring your pointless dig at the board who the fuck is worse than Ally McCoist right now?

I didn't have a pointless dig at the board at all and your question about McCoist just seems daft, so you're not making much sense to me.

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Find me a manager that is as bad or worse than McCoist - I think that would be a struggle

You don't need me to go out and find a list of names for you because Scottish football is heaving with managers no better, but worse than Ally and I think you probably know it.

That's the only issue I would have with Ally being sacked or forced out, is that I would be expecting his replacement to be a very noticeable and significant step up and ugrade, otherwise it would serve very little purpose.

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