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We Must React Positively

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How many times this season have we heard the same shite? we haven't played well. Must do better.

There is a reason we have not played well for long period of the season, the reason being is that we're not very good and our Manager and co are clueless.

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What we want to hear.

"We were pish yesterday, no fucking excuses. Next week, I'm gonna go after every ball, knock fuck out of anyone who comes near me and run myself into the ground. Any rat I see slacking, I'll be fucking ripping them a new one. I will leave everything on the pitch for this club, eveything"

That would be nice.

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I changed my mind finally about Ally yesterday, then I saw one interview where he said 'we just have to take it on the chin' and I thought Tony fucking Mowbrey. No more please Ally.


Exact same, was saying to her yesterday but she didnt have a fucking clue what I was going on about.

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